Kylie Jenner Lip Kit: Dolce K and Candy K, Is It Really Worth It?

The Kylie Lip Kit is probably one of the most talked about beauty products of 2016 so far, with it selling out in minutes, and a restock each week! As a huge fan of all things makeup I knew I had to get my hands on the liquid lipsticks- to see what all the fuss is about.

Being from the UK, ordering from the US can be intimidating, especially with all the extra fees and expensive shipping. I luckily avoided the import fees by ordering one product at a time, with both of my orders arriving in just over a week- rather impressive.


You’ve probably all seen the layout of the box numerous times on Instagram and Snapchat but the box and card were too cute not to add to this post!


The product: 

The products themselves come with a liquid lipstick and a matching lipliner, costing $29 each and are all of amazing quality.


DSCF3696 copy.jpg

The lipliner applies perfectly, in my opinion better than the Mac Pro Longwear liners due to it being more creamy. I found that moisturising my lips before applying the products prevented from creasing and dryness of the lips. I first lined my lips with the liner, then applying it all over my lips to create a strong base for the lipstick in order for it to last.

The liquid lipstick itself smells delicious- with a sweet cupcake scent, however once it’s on your lips it doesn’t smell overpowering. The lipstick applies really smoothly due to it’s soft mousse like texture, but I did find the applicator a little difficult to use when applying the product near the outer part of my lips, so I hope they alter this at some point!

Overall, both products lasted very well on my lips- I even wore it on a night out with lots of drinking and I only needed two applications! However, I did find the product rather drying, as many matte liquid lipsticks usually are.

Lip swatches 

Both Dolce K and Candy K are stunning pigmented colours with only one application needed and about two minutes needed for them to fully dry.


Dolce K (Left), Candy K (Right)

I would most definitely recommend the lip kit to all of you guys if you can get your hands on it as the colour and formula of the products are amazing.


-The colours are to die for.

-It smells amazing!

-The formula lasts ages.


-The product is rather drying on your lips.

To order the lip kits Click Here. The Kylie Jenner app gives regular updates on when the next restocks are, so I recommend checking that and being on the website 5 minutes before the release of them to ensure you get hold of them!



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5 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Lip Kit: Dolce K and Candy K, Is It Really Worth It?

  1. Hi it was interesting reading your reveiew on the kylie lip kits. I have just recently bought one myself and living in the UK I also thought I’d buy just the one in the hope I wouldn’t be charged any extra fees such as custom charges. I was quite shocked when I had to pay £12.48 for Royal Mail handling fee and VAT on top of the £12.95 shipping charge. Anyhow I like the lipkit especially the lip liner but I don’t think I will be buying anymore kylie cosmetics unless they become available to buy in shops over here.

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