The Best Setting Powder for BOTH Oily and Dry Skin!


The RCMA No-Color Powder is a YouTube favourite, first made popular by my fav YouTuber KathleenLights. This powder is loved by people with dry skin, such as Kathleen herself, and oily combo skin (myself), and so many other influencers. So here’s the ins and outs of the product and how to get your hands on it!

Price: Around £10 for 3 oz of product (amazing!)


I am often sceptical when popular YouTubers talk about products as it is a known fact that many of their posts are sponsored, and stereotypically fake opinions (due to being paid). However, when it comes to Kathleen I trust her opinion and have always been happy with everything she recommends. Therefore, I knew I wanted to try this powder, however having oily combo skin I was worried it would not prevent my face becoming oily throughout the day.

Despite this, I ordered the setting powder online a few months ago (hence why half of the product has already been used up in the photos!) I instantly fell in love with this setting powder. Not only is it very cheap, but it keeps my makeup matte for the majority of the day -which is a hard thing when it comes to my skin-.

The powder has no scent and is a silky consistency. The only downfall is the awful packaging!

The packaging is not visually appealing (it looks like something I would keep in my kitchen) and is very messy. However, I have heard about people buying different packaging or using old packaging from other setting powders to transfer the product to make it more appealing and less messy!

I first sprinkle a bit of the powder on the back of my hand and I then use my dense Elf powder brush to apply the setting powder. I also use this setting powder under my eyes either using a damp Beauty Blender to bake or a small under eye setting brush, depending on what look I want. Using the powder under my eyes prevents from my concealer creasing and it does quite a good job, also slightly brightening up the under eye.


-The product is cheap- and there’s a lot of it!

-It prevents my skin from becoming oily throughout the day- and people with dry skin love it too!

-It can be used all over your face to set foundation and concealer and under your eyes.


-The packaging is disappointing due to it being unattractive and messy.

You can order the powder from here (£9.95) if you live in the UK or from here ($12) if you live in the US.

Buy the elf powder brush here

and the Beauty Blender here or here!



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