Battle Of The Liquid Lipsticks- The Lipsticks You Need!


My obsession for liquid lipsticks began a couple of years ago with the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Veronica, obsessed with the matte look and the long-lasting formula I fell in love instantly. Since then it seems as if almost every brand has their own liquid lipstick, from affordable to high-end brands, with each formula varying (some are just awful!) So, if you love a long-lasting matte lip, liquid lipsticks are perfect for you and if you want to know which are my favs just carry on reading!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

Shade: Androgyny


Packaging: Definitely not my favourite packaging as it is rather tacky and cheap looking. However, it is bold and does stand out from the other liquid lipsticks on the market. 4/10

Scent: This product has an awful scent, with a very strong chemical smell to it when you smell it in the bottle. But it does not smell whilst it is on the lips. 3/10

Applicator: The product has a small, slanted doe foot applicator which makes it very easy to apply the product, even without a lip liner. The applicator is very good at applying the product to the inner corners of the lips and creating a nice finish. 9/10

Formula: An amazing formula, very lightweight and almost gloss-like when it is first applied but it does dry down quickly and completely matte. It does not dry out the lips at all, and does not crack throughout the day. In fact it lasted me through almost a whole night out, with drinking and eating!! 9.5/10

Price: £16


Overall: An amazing liquid lipstick, although the packaging isn’t the most appealing and it smells horrible in the bottle, the product itself lasts very long, is completely matte and doesn’t dry out the lips- which is hard to find in a liquid lipstick. This product comes in lots of different colours, but some are a bit more daring than others (also available in purple, yellow and blue!)

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

Shade: Bombshell


Packaging: I really like how high quality the packaging is and I loveee the frosted look to it. Very tasteful and simple. 8/10

Scent: The overall scent of this product isn’t too overwhelming. It has a slight chemical scent to it, however it is also has quite a sweet scent, and it doesn’t smell whilst on the lips. 6/10

Applicator: This product, like most liquid lipsticks has a doe foot applicator. Although it is also slanted it is slightly bigger than the Jeffree Star applicator due to the overall product being bigger. However, the applicator still makes the product easy to apply due to it being slanted. 8/10

Formula: Another lightweight and thin formula, perfect for the day time especially! However, this product does dry out the lips a bit the longer it is worn for and slightly cracks throughout the day. The formula is completely matte, however a slight tackiness is left on the lips which I personally don’t mind but some may find it irritating! 7/10

Price: £18


Overall: I love the look of the product and the colour, however the formula is quite drying and also has a slight tacky feel on the lips. However, the product isn’t as drying as some I’ve tried and overall is long-lasting! But I do feel as if the product is slightly overpriced.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Shades: Veronica (left), Dusty Rose (right)
Shade: Dusty Rose

Packaging: The packaging on the ABH liquid lips is just beautiful. With a nice, expensive and heavy feel to the packaging, and the gold and silver adding to the overall classy look. 9.5/10

Scent: Although the overall scent of this product is quite chemical like, the scent isn’t overwhelming, and does not smell whilst applied on the lips. 6/10

Applicator: This product has slightly fluffier doe foot applicator than the previous liquid lipsticks, which makes the application slightly less precise. However, the fluffy applicator feels nice on the lips. 8/10

Formula: A very mousse like formula, which feels nice when applied to the lips and does dry down completely matte. However, this product does flake off throughout the day (not a good look) and does feel quite drying. 7/10

Price: $20 (only available on US website)


Overall: The product has very nice, classy packaging, a nice mousse like texture and a soft, fluffy applicator but it does dry out the lips and flake off when throughout the day. Because of the drying formula and the fact that it is not yet available in the UK, I feel as if there are better liquid lips on the market!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip:

Shade: Lumiere 2


Packaging: Considering the price of the product, the packaging is quite impressive. It is simple and quite tasteful. 8/10

Scent: The overall scent of the product is again quite chemical like, however it is not too strong or overwhelming and definitely doesn’t smell whilst on the lips. 6/10

Applicator: I love how fluffy the applicator is on the ColourPop liquid lipsticks! They’re just so soft to apply to the lips. However, because the doe foot applicator is so fluffy it can be a bit difficult to be very precise with the product. 8.5/10

Formula: The formula of the Ultra Matte Lip is comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills formula, as it is very matte, rather drying and does flake off throughout the day, making it quite an uncomfortable product to wear. 7/10

Price: $6!!!!! (they now ship to the UK, yay)


Overall: For a product so cheap the packaging and applicator is amazing. However, the product itself is really drying and does flake off as mentioned above. If you don’t mind the drying feeling and are able to re-apply throughout the day then for $6 this product is perfect for you.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip (THE BEST)

Shades: Toolips (left), Alyssa (right)


Packaging: The packaging is the same as the Ultra Matte Lip, however for some reason the logo and name of the product very easily came off of these products making it look cheap and old! 5/10

Scent: The scent of this product is also the same as the Ultra Matte Lip, not overwhelming and does not smell whilst on the lips, however it is not an overly nice smell. 6/10

Applicator: This applicator is also the same as the product above, a nice fluffy applicator which feels nice on the lips and applies product well. 8.5/10

Formula: The formula is the main difference between the two ColourPop liquid lipstick formulas with the Ultra Satin Lip being the BEST formula I have tried. Although the lipstick doesn’t dry down completely matte, it is almost matte (it is named satin after all). This product lasts for hours and hours, feels very light on your lips and also moisturising!! 10/10

Price: $6, again amazing!


Overall: By far the best formula I have tried and I would recommend to everyone. This is the liquid lipstick I use the most out of all of them and is priced at only $6! Since these two colours I have ordered lots more colours in the satin formula so watch out for a post about that coming soon!

Nyx Lingerie

Shades: Push Up (left), Bedtime Flirt (right)
Shade: Bedtime Flirt

Packaging: The packaging isn’t bad considering it being a more affordable liquid lipstick. It is simple and quite plain, however it does have quite a cheap, plastic feel to the product. 5/10

Scent: This product has a sweeter smell than some of the others (definitely not as sweet as the Kylie lip kit!) However, it does have a chemical undertone to the scent. 7.5/10

Applicator: I really love the applicator on this product. It’s a very unique doe foot applicator, as it’s quite long, flat and skinny, however it really helps to get a precise application and a neat line! 9/10

Formula: This has quite a thin formula, which seems to make the product last a short period of time which is quite disappointing. It is also quite drying and does fade easily when eating and drinking, but it doesn’t flake off thankfully! 4/10

Price: £6.50


Overall: The applicator on this product is one of the best I have tried, giving a nice and precise application. Also the product can be bought on Asos and Boots which makes it easy to get hold of. However, the formula is quite disappointing as it doesn’t last very long and is also quite uncomfortable on the lips.


My fav: Overall my favourite liquid lipstick is the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip! Priced at $6 and with an amazing formula which feels moisturising and lasts ages on the lips, I would recommend the ColourPop Ultra Satin over them all (affordable and high-end). You can buy the product here in many colours. However as this product ships from California it can take a while to come and shipping can be expensive but sometimes they do free shipping promotions and the product is definitely worth it!

Buy the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick here

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Buy the ABH Liquid Lipstick here

Buy the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip here

Buy the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip here

Buy the NYX Lingerie here



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