My Current Eyeshadow Palette Collection!

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a huge ColourPop and Makeup Geek eyeshadow fan- which means I have more individual eyeshadows than palettes. However, I do have a few palettes which I use and do love! Carry on reading to find out what they are and what I recommend 🙂

Morphe 35N


The Morphe 35N was one of the first palettes that actually impressed me! The palette has mostly neutral shades, but does have a few shadows such as peach and pink to help give a pop of colour to any eye look. If you’re a matte eyeshadow fanatic, then this palette is for you!


-It only costs £21, with 35 shades!

-You can create lots of different eye looks


-I find Morphe palettes quite chalky, so they don’t blend as well as some others

-There’s quite a lot of fall out 😦

The Estée Edit by Kendall Jenner 


This palette is perfect for travelling, with a range of colours and finishes and is really pigmented! My fav shade is the light purple, as it really stands out from any other shadow i’ve seen, but isn’t too much ‘in your face’.


-The range of colours and shades are perfect for creating different looks

-There isn’t much fall out from these shadows- and they’re really pigmented

-The gold and silver are really different and have large pans


-The palette isn’t the cheapest, costing £36

-The pan sizes are quite small

Tom Ford Colour Quad- Nude Dip & Cognac Sable


Shade: Nude Dip


The Tom Ford colour quads are always stunning, from their packaging to the shadows themselves. The signature ‘TF’ on the shadows just adds to the luxury of the products. This palette however is not my favourite of theirs despite the shades all being pigmented, as I find my other Tom Ford palette much smoother and easier to blend.

Shade: Cognac Sable


This is my faaaaaav palette of Tom Ford’s, the bronze shade in particular being my favourite. This particular shade is the most pigmented shadow ever, like it literally blows me away and can just make any eyeshadow look. The others in the palette are also pigmented (it’s hard to see the first shade because of how pale I currently am, boo) but the bronze shade just wins over the rest.


-The shadows are very pigmented and don’t have much fall out

-The shadows last for ages (i’ve used Cognac Sable soo many times)

-The packaging is just beaut


-Each quad costs £64… ouch

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy- Rebel Metal


This is another one of my first palettes, and I have used it loads. All of the shades are super pigmented and will make any eyeshadow look stand out. However, I do find the black shade very chalky compared to the other shades, and also rather patchy. But the other shades make the palette worth it.


-The palette has a range of neutral shades, which will go perfectly with any other eyeshadows

-They’re really pigmented, and don’t have much fall out


-The black eyeshadow is very chalky and patchy

Overall, the Morphe 35N is the best value for money but it is rather chalky, so out of all the palettes the Estée Edit palette is my favourite with the wide range of shades and finishes!

Buy the Morphe 35N here (£21)

Buy the Estée Edit palette here (£36)

Buy the Tom Ford Quads here (£64)

Buy the Estée Lauder quads here (£40)

I definitely want to add to my collection so comment down below some of your favourite palettes!



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