My Top 8 Highlighters- with video swatches

Highlighters have become an obsession of mine, no matter what I’m doing -day or night- I will always wear highlighter. I just love to glow as much as possible, even when I’m in reality running on very little sleep ;). Because of this, I have tried out many many highlighters on the market, and here are my top 8! (I thought I would do little videos of the swatches so you can get a true idea of how the highlighters look in direct light).

1) Wet N Wild: Boozy Brunch ($5.99)

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Boozy Brunch

This highlighter looks pretty crazy in the pan but it is beaaautiful when swatched and applied to the face. It’s a lovely gold shade which looks perfect on tanned skin and darker skin tones and lasts all day. The formula isn’t glittery or chunky at all and gives an amazing glow. SO amazing for $6, especially with it being so large, but unfortunately it’s being sold for a little more on Amazon, but still worth it!

2) ColourPop: Wisp, Lunch Money, Smokin’ Whistles ($8)

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Wisp, Lunch Money, Smokin’ Whistles

ColourPop highlighters have to be one of my favourite highlighter formulas, they’re just so pigmented! These are best applied with a wet Beauty Blender or your fingers, and then blended. Wisp is perfect for tanned skin (aka when I have fake tan on, haha), whilst both Lunch Money and Smokin’ Whistles are perfect for fairer skin tones. These have a slightly more glittery formula than the Wet N Wild highlighters but I personally don’t mind that, as they don’t have chunky glitter.

3) Physicians Formula: Custom Nude ($13.99)

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Custom Nude

The Physicians Formula palette in Custom Nude has a highlighter, blush and bronzer but I mostly use the highlighter in the palette (the top line of the palette). This creates a unique colour, mixed between gold, white and pink (strange I know) but it looks so pretty on top of the cheek bones and gives a really radiant glow, especially on fair skin. This is one of those highlighters that I always notice when it catches any light- love it.

4) Estée Lauder: Pink Seduction (£32)

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Pink Seduction

5) Essence: Be My Highlight ($4.50)

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Be My Highlight

Both of these highlighters are on the natural side, creating a natural glow with refined glitter, rather than chunky. Although these highlighters are dramatically different in price, the Estée Lauder palette also has 2 blushes in the palette, which can be mixed together to create a pink toned highlighter (similar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick). I love to wear both of these shades on a casual day, when I just want a subtle glow to my cheeks, and would definitely recommend both of them if you want a subtle glow too!

6) Anastasia Beverly Hills: Riviera £26

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The Anastasia Beverly Hills illuminators are by far some of the most pigmented highlighters- you only need to apply a tiny bit in order to prevent looking like a disco ball! This particular shade is a really nice rose gold, which also looks amazing as an eyeshadow. This was one of my first highlighters (thanks to my amazing sister) and is still one of my favourites!

7) Becca: Champagne Pop (£32)

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Champagne Pop

If I could recommend one highlighter, it would be THIS one! I know a lot of people rave about this highlighter and for good reason, there’s just something amazing about it. It’s such a lovely champagne tone, has the perfect amount of pigment and glitter and just lasts alllll day (and night). There’s just something about this highlighter, and it’s another one which always catches my eye under all lights and suits every skin tone, amazingly!

8) Makeup Geek: Kathleen Lights (£44)


I recently did a whole blog post on how much I love this palette, so if you want to read that then click here!

Buy the Wet N Wild: Boozy Brunch here or here

Buy the ColourPop highlighters here

Buy the Physicians Formula: Custom Nude here or here

Buy the Estee Lauder: Pink Seduction here

Buy the Essence: Be My Highlight here or here

Buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills: Riviera here

Buy the Becca: Champagne Pop here

Buy the Makeup Geek: Kathleen Lights here

I hope this blog post can be of some help to you guys who love highlighters as much as I do! I’m always open to trying more highlighters so please feel free to comment your favourites!



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