The Best Nail Polish I’ve Tried So Far…


I have always loved Essie nail polishes, but found that they don’t last too long on my nails, so when I heard Essie were bringing out gel polishes and I saw how cute the bottles were I KNEW I had to try them out. These came out about May time and after buying a navy shade to first try out, I have not been able to stop using the Essie Gel Couture polishes. Despite the many different nail polishes I own, I just always go back to these 🙂


These are currently my 4 go to shades, Model Clicks an ‘aubergine wine’, Drop The Gown a ‘ruby red’, Surrounded By Studs a ‘deep navy’ & Take Me To Thread a ‘plush taupe’.


(Excuse my messy application, haha) but here is Model Clicks, my current favourite colour.


The packaging: A really nice, unique bottle. It feels weighty and expensive.

The applicator: A perfect applicator. I really like wide brushes because I find they apply the product best, without being streaky like thin brushes.

The formula: This formula is quite thick but not gloopy, so 2 layers of the polish are perfect. It lasts about 5 days on my nails (depending what I’m doing), which is really impressive because most nail polishes only last a couple of days for me 😦

How to apply:

Step 1- Apply one layer of the Essie Gel Couture to your nails and wait for it to try.

Step 2- Apply a second layer and wait for it to dry.

Step 3- Apply the Essie Gel Couture clear coat to set the nail polish, to ensure that it lasts as long as possible!


-The brush applies the product perfectly.

-The formula lasts way longer than other nail polishes.

-There’s a huge variety of colours.

-There’s no need for a base coat.


-You have to buy the Essie Gel Couture clear coat on top of these, so you can’t use your normal clear coat to set it.

Buy the nail polishes here or here for £9.99!

Comment down below your favourite nail polishes!



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