My Favourite Foundation For Nights Out


The Milani Conceal + Perfect is some magical juju, which somehow covers EVERYTHING. If you know me you’ll know that I sadly don’t have the best skin (boo), so when I come across a foundation which covers all without the use of concealer, I’m gonna fall in love (and it’s super cheap).


I have the shade 02- Natural because I like to self-tan a lot, especially for nights out, and this just matches my fake tan perfectly. This does come in a shade lighter and numerous darker shades too, but it is not the best foundation for fair skin or anyone with pink undertones due to it being a yellow based foundation.


The foundation comes with a pump applicator, which is a personal preference of mine as you can somewhat control how much product you’re getting and not waste much of it. You only need a small pump of this foundation because of how high coverage it is, so be careful not to go cray.


You can see from this photo here how thick the foundation is. However, it doesn’t feel thick on the skin at all surprisingly. I suggest using a Beauty Blender to properly blend this foundation out to avoid it looking cakey!


-It’s an affordable foundation.

-The coverage on it is amazing, meaning you don’t even need concealer.

-It’s suitable for all skin types.

-It lasts all night, even on oily skin.


-Sometimes it makes me break out a bit (so I only use it on nights out).

-The colour range doesn’t suit all skin tones.

Buy the Milani Conceal + Perfect here (£11)

Buy the Beauty Blender here



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