Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Kyshadow Palette: Is It Really Worth It?

After testing out this beautiful eyeshadow palette for the past two months and not being able to do a blog post on it (I bought my sister the same palette for Christmas as a surprise and knew a blog post on it would give it away) I am very excited to finally review it for you guys!

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Delivery and custom charges: Thankfully at the time of ordering the palette Kylie Cosmetics were featuring free international delivery when spending over a particular amount, which persuaded me to buy the palette for myself too (it wasn’t very hard to persuade me, I must admit). However, once the products arrived I had a £20 custom fee! This can be avoided in some parts of the UK by luck or even when you spend under a certain amount, so bare this in mind before ordering overseas.

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Packaging: The palette is TINY compared to basically all other palettes out there on the market- which worried me at first- but the pan sizes are similar to Makeup Geek and Mac shadows so you are paying for the normal, expected amount of product. I personally really love the drips on the front of the eyeshadow palette and how they reflect the shades featured in the palette, this is really helpful if you have any other Kylie eyeshadow palettes or just to look pretty in your collection. However, the packaging itself feels cheap due to it being cardboard, which feels like it can be damaged very easily, unfortunately 😦

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The shades: The shades in this palette is what caused me to buy it. I loveee warm tones, especially with red and pink undertones- I think they really make blue eyes stand out and suit everyone. The shades all work together to create numerous looks and are just beaut.

The formula: The metallic shades are utterly amazing, especially when applied with your finger. They are so smooth and pigmented and really do last ages. LA, Dubai and New York are all the same metallic formula and definitely some of my favourite shades in the palette. I also do like the matte shades in the palette, including Beach, Penny, Burgundy, Brick and Almond, Penny being my absolute favourite (I wear it almost every day). I find that these shades seem quite patchy when swatched but look really smooth on the lids and are easily built up. The satin shade Naked also makes the perfect brow bone highlight but other than that it’s kinda useless and not very pigmented …

Left to right: Naked, Beach, Penny, LA, Burgundy, Dubai
Left to right: Brick, New York, Almond

So is it really worth it?

Well… I’d say yes but wait until there is an offer on the website.

The size of the palette and the cheap packaging are rather disappointing for the $42 price point, especially if you don’t live in the US and are likely to get a custom fee on top of that… and expensive shipping. So I would suggest waiting for free shipping which Kylie Cosmetics seems to be doing quite frequently recently or perhaps even a sale on the website like the 20% Black Friday one.

I really like the formula of the shadows however, and the shades are perfect. They’re so pigmented and do blend out really nicely and some of the shades such as Penny (again my favourite matte shade) really does change an eye look. Each individual shadow also works out costing roughly $4.60, which is not bad at all considering Mac refills are $6 each.


-The shades are amazing for anyone who loves warm tones.

-Most of the shades are super pigmented and blend out perfectly.

-They work out quite cheap as you get 9 shadows for $42.


-Shipping costs and custom charges can really add up if you don’t live in the US.

-The shade Naked doesn’t have much payoff.

-The packaging feels cheap and does not have a mirror, which is rather annoying when applying the eyeshadows!

Buy the Burgundy Kyshadow Palette here

So you decide for yourself! Do you think it’s worth it?



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16 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Kyshadow Palette: Is It Really Worth It?

    1. It’s so good! I also have the ABH palette (will have a blog post up on that soon too actually!) and I use both of them all the time! What’s your opinion on the Violet Voss palette? Thank you for your lovely comment x


  1. The colours are so lovely but I live in Belgium and I just can’t bring myself to fork out money to pay for custom taxes 😦 I wish something could be done for this for all of us who live outside of US.

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