Why I Can’t Live Without The Beautyblender

Hello all!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got some lovely beauty related presents ūüôā One of my presents from my lovely Mum included a new Beautyblender (my old one was practically falling apart) and a Beautyblender holder, so I was inspired to write a blog post on how much I loveee the Beautyblender and how I just can’t live without it. (I had to re-upload this blog post as my other one got deleted for some reason) but here we go…

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I have been using Beautyblenders for about 3 years!! I remember my sister and I excitingly spotting them in Sephora back in America before they were available in the UK, and ever since I have not applied my base makeup with anything else. Thankfully, they are now available in the UK on websites such as Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty and even Boots, which means you can re-purchase them whenever you need to!

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You can use Beautyblenders for pretty much everything, for applying foundation, blusher, bronzer, concealer and loose powder- I just love to bake ūüėČ I think it’s especially impossible to apply my foundation or concealer with anything else, it just applies so seamlessly and flawlessly, without making my foundation or concealer look cakey.

How to use: To properly use the Beautyblender you must first wet it, squeezing the Beautyblender whilst running it under cold or warm water. Once the Beautyblender has grown as much as possible it’s ready to be used to apply your makeup! I never directly apply product to the Beautyblender¬†because I find that they apply best when applied directly to my face or the back of my hand first, then using a bouncing motion with the Beautyblender wherever you want the products applied.

How to clean:¬†You can purchase the official Beautyblender cleansers to clean the sponges but they are usually quite pricey, costing about ¬£14. You can also use your normal day to day soap to clean your Beautyblender but I personally find using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (USUALLY COSTING LITERALLY ¬£1-2) the most effective. I use this after every use and it gets out any product left in the sponge, keeping it nice and clean to use on your face.

So which Beautyblender should you purchase?! I have tried the majority of the Beautyblenders from the original pink to the ‘red carpet’ red, ‘pro’ black and ‘royal’ purple and even the mini Beautyblenders and I personally think… they’re all the same. I find the regular sized Beautyblenders to all work just as well as each other so I recommend any of them! I personally don’t love the mini Beautyblenders as much because I find them quite limited, but they are really good at applying cream highlighters and concealer, but you can probably live without it, unlike the regular¬†Beautyblenders!

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So as I mentioned above, my mum also bought me a Beautyblender holder! This product allows the Beautyblender to ‘breathe’, dry and keep protected whilst traveling or even when keeping it on your dressing table. I didn’t even know this existed but I was so so happy to receive this and I’m going to constantly use this, because I always have trouble storing my Beautyblender when traveling and get scared that it may be picking up all sorts of dirt, so I would defo recommend purchasing this if you’re a Beautyblender lover.

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It’s just so cute and compact.


-It is a multi-use product, applying all different makeup products perfectly.

-It doesn’t use up a lot of product, like makeup brushes usually do.

-It’s easily cleaned.

-It comes in all different colours.


-They usually only last me about 3-6 months in good condition, depending how well I look after them.

-They are quite pricey for a sponge, however I have heard that ‘dupes’ are no way near as good.

Buy the Beautyblender here, here, here or here for £16

Buy the Beautyblender holder here for £18

Have you tried any Beautyblenders? Let me know in the comments below!



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