Kylie Cosmetics Brush Set- Overrated?! and Dupes!

Now, I know my last post was also on a Kylie Cosmetics product, but they were two separate orders so it’s totally justified… right???

A month or so ago I ordered the Kylie Cosmetics brush set because I wondered if they’d live up to her other products, thought they looked cute and somehow convinced myself I needed them. However, now I am second guessing my decision.


The brushes: So the Kylie brush set comes with 5 synthetic brushes: a flat rounded shader brush, a tapered defining brush, a short flat smudge brush, a rounded blending brush and a fluffy blending brush. They came in a little white bag- cheap and quite ugly (sorry). The brushes are very simple, white with the black Kylie Cosmetics logo so pretty much nothing special. The brushes themselves are white, which is really really annoying, as you can see from my photos they get stained very easily.

The 5 Piece Set:

Flat Rounded Shader Brush


Tapered Defining Brush


Smudge Brush


Rounded Blending Brush


Fluffy Blending Brush


My favourite brushes out of all of them are the smudge brush and the fluffy blending brush. They’re nothing too special but they’re my favourite from the set. The smudge brush is soo good at applying creme eyeshadows such as Colourpop shadows and foiled shadows and the fluffy blending brush is quite soft and perfect at blending. I personally don’t favour the other brushes in the collection… sorry Kylie but these brushes overall are rather disappointing.


I thought I’d find dupes for my favourite brushes in the set and the Wet N Wild brushes are perfecttt Kylie Cosmetics brush dupes, they’re even the same colour. The brushes themself are white with a pink tip and the handle is white just like Kylie’s. I bought my Wet N Wild brushes for only $1 each!!! But I know the prices can vary depending on the shop. Let’s be honest, these are definitely more cost effective and just as good.

Fluffy Blending Brush (Kylie) Crease Brush (Wet N Wild)


Smudge Brush (Kylie), Small Eyeshadow Brush (Wet N Wild)



-Each brush works out at only $7

-They’re synthetic so work well with creme shadows and Colourpop shadows


-They’re cheap looking

-They get dirty really quickly

-They’re not worth the shipping and any extra charges

-They’re just eh

-Wet n Wild brushes are much better (and cheaper)

Buy the Kylie Brush Set here ($35)

Buy the Wet N Wild Crease Brush here ($1)

Buy the Wet N Wild Small Eyeshadow Brush here ($1)

Buy the Wet N Wild 6 piece brush set here ($10!!!)



Check out my last blog post on the Kyshadow Burgundy Palette here


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