Why the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Is Overhyped

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t order any new makeup for a while… but when I saw that Beauty Bay had just started stocking Ofra on their website and their liquid lipsticks were going for just £11, I had to make an exception.


 I’ve had the Ofra liquid lipstick in Miami Fever for a while but I just wasn’t a fan of the colour, so I have never tested it out properly. Having spent at least £20 on that Ofra liquid lipsticks previously I knew I had to get one in a different shade for £11, and they were selling out so quickly!

So I decided on getting Havana Nights, another Kathleen Lights collaboration (of course) which I have wanted for ageeees. It’s a deep red colour and I don’t have a shade like it in my collection, so I had to pick it up.


However… I do not like it. Don’t get me wrong I like the packaging, the shade and even the scent of the product (it smells soo good) but it is soooo patchy and does not wear well at all. I have tried a lotttt of liquid lipsticks (check out my liquid lipstick collection here) and this is one of my least favourites.


As you can see from this swatch, the formula bleeds quite a bit and is so patchy. I wore this on a night out and it crumbled off and clinged to every dry patch- it literally looked awful and when I topped it up it looked so thick and horrible.

I have personally never had an issue with dark liquid lipsticks being patchy, I have the ColourPop, Jeffree Star and ABH liquid lipsticks all in dark shades and they all apply and wear so well, so it must be the formula of the actual liquid lipstick. I suggest paying a bit more for an ABH of Jeffree Star liquid lipstick, or getting a ColourPop one and just paying the taxes on it- way more worth it!!

Check out the Ofra collection on Beauty Bay here

Check out ColourPop here

Check out Jeffree Star here

Check out ABH liquid lipsticks here

Comment below if you’ve tried the Ofra liquid lipsticks and what you think of them!



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