My Current Favourite Foundation…

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation


For the past few years, I haven’t been much of a fan of high-end foundations. I’ve found that I just love so many at the drugstore/on the high street that I’d just rather not spend loads on an eh foundation. But I have been utterly obsessed with this NARS foundation for months now (it’s literally my favourite).

The Product: This NARS foundation is 30ml, costing around £34 a bottle. It’s described by NARS as “full, natural-looking coverage” with 16 hour wear. I have mine in the shade Light 4- Deauville.


Packaging: I pretty much love any NARS packaging, they always make their products look so sleek and pretty much perfect, but the rubber like material on the lid of the product (and on most of their products) gets SO dirty and is SO hard to clean!! (See the photo below). I’ve tried cleaning it with pretty much everything but it seems impossible. Please comment below if you’ve found the perfect method for cleaning your NARS products! Other than that I love the packaging, it isn’t too heavy either.


Applicator: The pump on the foundation is really good and distributes the perfect amount of product. However, once I was travelling with the foundation and I discovered that the product had leaked due to the pump coming out of place- thankfully my boyfriend came to the rescue and quickly fixed it but I’m not too sure if it’ll happen again (let’s hope not).

Formula: The formula of the foundation is very strange but I absolutely love it. It’s quite a thin liquid foundation, but when you apply it (I love using a Beauty Blender for a more natural finish) it is suddenly medium to full coverage. The NARS website states that only one pump is needed for your whole face but I definitely disagree, I always need at least 2 pumps to cover my face unfortunately 😦 . This foundation does not feel or look cakey on the skin, yet it covers pretty much all of my blemishes without having to use concealer. I find that the product can easily be built up for a more high-coverage finish.

Lasting power: As the name of the foundation suggests, this formula lasts all day on me ;). It’s such a perfect formula for both the day and night.


– The foundation comes in a wide range of shades and undertones.

-It has an amazing satin/dewy finish, which somehow suits my oily combination skin perfectly.

-It lasts ALL day.


-The packaging is hard to clean.

Buy the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation here (34)



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25 thoughts on “My Current Favourite Foundation…

  1. Personally I hated this, but I can see why others liked it! I think they say you only need 1 pump because (I only found this out recently) but nars products are actually designed to be applied with your fingers. Personally I pretty a stippling brush, but I find I need more product!

    Lovely pictures! 😁

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      1. I found the texture on my skin a little chalky. I have very normal skin but I felt that it brought out any little dry patches and clung to them. I really wanted to like it, unfortunately we weren’t meant to be!

        Earlier this year when getting more of their amazing concealer I finally trying the sheer glow foundation and it’s been my go to since! I was late to the party! It is definitely more of a full coverage, they say it’s medium. But it leaves my skin looking flawless! 😁

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    1. This is a great foundation, however so many people hate it because they don’t apply it the way it’s meant to be applied. I used to work at Sephora and we had to watch a video from Nars on how to do it. You are supposed to use your fingers. The warmth from your hands helps it up spread better, you have to work in small sections because it sets pretty fast. I think the less product you use the better it looks. It really is a full coverage foundation, makeup brushes and sponges apply way too much of it. So many people don’t realize what they are missing if only they knew how to apply it. Anyway just wanted to agree with you, defiantly apply with your hands.

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      1. Thank you so much Brittany I’ll definitely take that on board and try it with my hands! Maybe that explains why the bottle says you only need one pump too!


  2. I have heard so much about NARS foundations, but I haven’t quite convinced myself to spend that much on foundation (even though the one I am using is only $2 cheaper lol it makes a difference) BUT this one seems AMAZING I have to try it!

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  3. I keep hearing such good things about this i really want to try it for myself! I use double wear at the minute and i love it but it gets cakey really easily because of how high coverage it is.

    Might try and nab a cheeky sample to give this a go for myself.

    Great review! xo

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