A Cafe JUST for Mac N’ Cheese!?

So I’m obsessed with mac ‘n’ cheese, I mean 😍 and I really wanted to branch out a little on my blog, so I will still be focusing on beauty but also on restaurants, lifestyle and a little bit of fashion too!

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I took a trip to Euston to check out The Mac Factory and we were not disappointed.


The Mac Factory isn’t far from Euston Station, although it took us a while to find because it is quite hidden and wasn’t what we initially expected! The cafe is quite dimly lit but it really fits with the whole vibe of the place which is somewhat quirky and super casual.

Each portion of mac ‘n’ cheese is served inside a large red cardboard bowl which looks somewhat like a red solo cup. The menu not only includes mac ‘n’ cheese in 7 different flavours from the classic mac ‘n’ cheese to the pesto mac ‘n’ cheese but it also includes a variety of sides, sandwiches, toasties and drinks. However, we just came for the mac ‘n’ cheese and didn’t want to waste our appetite on anything else!! Check out the full menu online here!


So we decided on ordering their Nostalgic mac ‘n’ cheese of a classic three cheese blend (£5.50) and their Mambo Italiano mac ‘n’ cheese with smoked pancetta, wild mushrooms and fresh garlic (£7). All together coming to a total of £12.50, and we were very… very full.


The verdict: Both mac ‘n’ cheese flavours were to die for. The food was made fresh, pretty much in front of us and served within about 15 minutes. The staff were lovely and the food was just amazing (my mouth is watering as I write this blog post). My personal favourite out of the two dishes was the classic Nostalgic mac ‘n’ cheese, but my sister’s favourite was the Mambo Italiano, so it’s pretty much up to personal taste! The crumble on top of the mac ‘n’ cheese definitely made the mac ‘n’ cheese, it was so delicious.

Would I go back? Hell yeah. I want to order every kind of mac ‘n’ cheese on the menu.

You can check out The Mac Factory in Euston and Camden in London for yourself and I believe that both Uber Eats and Deliveroo deliver The Mac Factory in some closeby areas!

Check out The Mac Factory website here

Check out their mouth watering Instagram page here!



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